Note : This course is a guidance course and not an actual programming course.

Learn the basics of all the things you need to know to become an awesome web developer.

  • Every student/fresher needs proper guidance and this course provides that
  • Every student/fresher needs to know the basics of web development
  • Every student/fresher needs to Stay Fit and Healthy
  • Every student/fresher should have his own static Website/Blog
  • Every student/fresher should do Open-Source contributions

Part 1

Topics covered

  • Why a guidance course
  • Having an open mind-set
  • 10 step to learn anything quickly (Thanks for John Sonmez)
  • How not to ruin your life

Part 2

Topics covered

  • Tools for Web Development
  • Web Basics
  • What is Source Control

Part 3

Topics covered

  • What is Client-Side Web programming
  • Choosing a Programming language

Part 4

Topics covered

  • Database Basics
  • Database Terminology

Part 5

Topics covered

  • Getting Open-Sourced
  • Creating Online Presence and Becoming Famous

Part 6

Topics covered

  • Staying Fit and Healthy
  • Having a static Website and Blog
  • How to Become a Web Developer and Stay Motivated in Life