Founded in 2015, we are just a small group of people trying to fill in some gaps by helping students and fresher’s to have a strong foundation of the basics which will help them in their academic life as well as in their professional life.

About the Founder

Abhishek Luv, Founder - Develop2Deploy

Abhishek Luv is a ASP.NET MVC Freelance Consultant and a Trainer developing web applications using ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Bootstrap & Azure.

Abhishek Luv has been developing and designing websites and web applications for the last 3 years. During these years Abhishek has been involved in technologies such as C#, ASP.NET MVC, Visual Studio, and Entity Framework.

He is the founder of an IT Video Training start-up called Develop2Deploy especially designed for students and newbies in India.

Outside of the normal day to day activities, Abhishek likes to hear music, motivational audio books and also record his own podcast show for Software Development Podcast Show